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How to Choose Your New Hair Color at a Heber City Salon

It can be tempting to cut or color your own hair at your home to save some money and time. However, at-home hair dyes can go awry. It can also be difficult to figure out what color goes best with your complexion. Heading to an Aveda hair salon in Heber City to switch up your look will guarantee you leave with a hair color you’re happy with. Especially if this is the first time you’re dyeing your hair, you want it to be a good experience. We’re going to talk about the best ways to figure out what new hair color will look best on you. If you’ve recently searched for a “hair salon near me,” we’ll help you find the best hair salon in Heber City, Utah, to transform yourself.
Hair Color Near Me Park City

Figure Out Your Skin’s Undertone

One of the first things you should do before you try a new hair color is to determine what your skin’s undertone is. The three types of undertones include:
  • Warm: Peachy, golden, or yellow undertones
  • Cool: Blueish, red, or pink undertones
  • Neutral: A mixture of cool and warm
There are a few ways you can try to figure out what your skin’s undertone is. Follow our tips below.

Examine Your Skin

Get in a well-lit room and look at your skin carefully in a mirror. It’s best if this is done in natural light. Look for the different colors listed above in your skin. If your skin has golden hues, your undertone is warm. Red coloring means you have a cool undertone. If it’s hard for you to tell, then it’s like neutral. You can also look at the veins in your neck and face. If they appear blue, then you have cool undertones. If they look green or olive, then your skin’s undertone is likely warm.

Grab a White Shirt

Get a piece of white clothing or a piece of paper. Hold it up to your skin when you’re in a room with natural lighting. If your skin looks rosy, then it has cool undertones. If your face looks golden, you have warm undertones. If you feel like your skin doesn’t look washed out with stark white or creamy colors, then you might have a neutral undertone. Before you try any of the above tactics to determine your skin tone, be sure to remove all your makeup. You need to start off with fresh, clean skin.

What Are Your Hair Goals?

Knowing your goals before you go into the salon is important. It’ll help you communicate better with your stylist. One of your goals may be to cover grey hair. If you have more than 60% of grey in your natural hair color, you’ll want a hair color product that covers it completely. Communicate this with your stylist so they can choose a product that has strong enough pigments to overcome the most stubborn grey hair. You should also think about if you want to go lighter or dark with your hair color. Lighter hair often requires bleaching, which can result in hair damage. You’ll want to discuss natural plant-based hair care with your stylist at whatever salon you go to. Think about how often you want to dye it. If you have lighter hair and you’re dyeing it darker, you definitely don’t want to see your roots coming in. Dyeing your hair a different color that’s drastically different than your own will take a lot of upkeep. Highlights are a wonderful way to add dimension and depth to hair that’s flat looking. You can add lowlights of copper or red to dark hair to add some flair. Your haircare stylist at MNTN Sky Salon in Heber City can advise you on what the best combination is.

The Best Color Shades for Cool and Warm Skin Tones

There are so many new hair color ideas that you can try. It all depends on whether you want to look natural or be adventurous. Now that you know your hair goals and your skin’s undertone, how do you figure out what color to go with?

Blonde Hair Color

For fair skin with cooler undertones, a soft baby blonde or platinum blonde will look great against your complexion. Ash-blonde tones work well also. You should avoid warmer blonde colors like gold, caramel, or copper. If you have a medium skin tone and cool undertones, beige or sandy blondes will pair wonderfully. Brownish-blonde (or blonde) is the shade to go with for anyone with a medium complexion. A darker skin tone with a warm undertone looks gorgeous when paired with a honey blond. If you have cool undertones and dark skin, explore ash blonde.

Brown Hair

For those who want brown hair and have fair skin with cool undertones, any shade of brown will go well with their complexion. If you have fair skin and warm undertones, go for a richer brown color. For those with medium skin tone and cool undertones, a chocolate brown will pair nicely. Anything goes for those with warm undertones. MNTN Sky Salon in Heber City is a great salon to go to when you want to transform into a brunette.

Red Hair

Naturally, red hair and pale skin are usually a combo you see. This shade works well with fair skin that has cool undertones. If you want to dye your natural color red, explore auburn instead of the natural fire red. If you need help in Heber City or Salt Lake for hair care, book an appointment with a reputable stylist today.

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